Point of Sales system consists of number of hardware equipment that work in sync with each other to give customers faster and better service. One of them is the Barcode Scanner – also one of the most crucial piece of machinery which takes care of large number of tasks including gathering information about the product as also helping to keep track of inventory.

Barcode Scanner is the device which helps to convert the data in digital form and store it in the computer. The advancement in technology has now given us wireless barcode scanner that uses Bluetooth technology. Socketcan has recently launched the S series of Bluetooth wireless barcode scanners which have raised the bar in data automation industry.

In this article, you will find out detailed information about SocketScan’s three major products:

1)      S700

2)      S730 &

3)      S740 Bluetooth Wireless barcode scanners

S700 Wireless Barcode Scanner

The S700 model from SocketScan is 1D barcode scanner and scans on paper or screen using Bluetooth technology. This scanner comes in five color variants including blue, red, green, yellow, and white.

The S700 barcode scanner has LEDs for different notifications purpose which notify information regarding battery, Bluetooth, and scanning. It is compatible with all the previous Socket Mobile barcode scanners so one does not have to worry about connectivity and compatibility issues.

It is a light-weight barcode scanner with an ergonomic structure and anti-microbial casing. The battery is rechargeable, lasts longer, and can even last entire working days up to 16 hours. This scanner is undoubtedly the most user-friendly barcode scanner available in the market.

This scanner can be used in retail stores, field services, inventory management, asset tracking, hospitals, and many more settings. The SocketScan S700 barcode scanner is certified by Apple and Socket Mobile Capture’s SDK is integrated in more than 700 applications including Square, Hike, Loyverse, etc. This will help customers tremendously in their applications to improve businesses.

The device is also compatible with Android and Windows based platforms. SocketScan S700 can seamlessly connect with Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers, etc.


S730 Barcode Scanner

The second model, S730, in the S series from SocketScan is a 1D barcode scanner and is capable of scanning paper and screens. The weight of this scanner is very light and fits comfortably in one’s palm. Its ergonomic design makes it look elegant and the five color variants including blue, red, yellow, white, and green suit different work environment.

The S730 model is equipped with a long lasting rechargeable battery which can withstand entire work days while never ever compromising on the output. Its design and easy fit lets one scan the products from a distance where hands cannot easily reach. The scanning speed of S730 is exceptional and fulfills all the needs from moderate to rigorous scanning environments.

The S730 Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner has a LED notification light which notifies about battery, scanning, etc. This scanner can scan barcodes in best and worst conditions. It can scan in bright sunlight, through glass or plastic, from uneven surfaces, and even if the barcode is damaged.

This scanner is compatible with all Apple, Android, and Windows based devices. One can easily connect it with iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, Windows desktop computer, etc. Customers just need to turn the Bluetooth feature ON from the device.


S740 Barcode Scanner

This is the high performance and highest value barcode scanner model in the S series by SocketScan. The S740 Bluetooth barcode scanner is a 2D/1D imager scanner which can perform much faster and provides more features than the other models in the same series.

It can rapidly scan 1D or 2D barcodes from paper and screen. 1D barcode is a simple barcode consisting of basic information like the product number and name while the 2D barcode can hold much more information like product image, detailed product description etc. And to scan this type of barcode one needs a 2D imaging barcode scanner.

It is equipped with multiple outstanding features like easy to carry because of its super lightweight, long lasting battery life (up to 16 hours), ergonomic structure, etc. This model is available in five different colors including red, green, blue, white, and yellow. Choose the one that best suits your work environment.

The S740 barcode scanner is compatible with all Apple, Android, and Windows devices. The company has not changed the software therefore it can be easily connected to all the devices without any hassle. This scanner is ideal for field services, inventory management, asset tracking, etc. Its long-range scanning capability allows one to scan barcodes on the products placed on higher shelves or in places where hands cannot reach. This makes the work done faster and without and risk or getting hurt.



Barcode scanners have become an integral part of any business organization and provide the most essential service that boosts the productivity at one’s workplace. Today wireless technology has made its way into the business organizations and it is here to stay. This technology has taken away the messy wired systems which added confusion and had its own limitations at the work desk.

The Bluetooth wireless barcode scanners are cable free, can be carried anywhere in one’s pocket due to their light-weight and ergonomic design, have a good scanning range, work faster and are much more efficient than any other barcode scanners out there in the market.

What kind of barcode scanner does your business need? Well, whatever the need is SocketScan has got you covered. Purchase from the best S series Bluetooth wireless barcode scanners and watch your business grow at the speed like never seen before.