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POS Hardware Equipments

A wide range of businesses using POS system software like retail express and others have to find suitable POS Hardware. Epson Receipt printers, Zebra or Honeywell Barcode Scanners and other top and scalable brands that support all Point of Sales system software can be found on our websites QuickPOS. You could buy, research and contact us for support about any type of hardware integration to your terminal.

Before purchasing POS System software or hardware you should identify your specific needs.

• What type of business do you have?

• What software is on your POS system?

• Will the Hardware support the software of your system?

• What interface do you need for connectivity?

• Do you need to conduct your transaction in a mobile environment?

Every POS System requires hardware for data collection, receipt & label printing and monitors for operating.

POS Terminals/PCs - :The terminals or PC is a device where all the information is stored. According to the requirement of many businesses, different types of terminals are available in the market; you have to choose the right one. The standard PC meets the memory and processor requirements of your POS software. Some terminals come with latest technology like touch screen, card readers etc. to save your business counter space. Some are all-in-one units with a combination of touchscreen and card reader.  The most compact POS terminal is a mobile handheld terminal for a mobile environment.

Receipt Printers- The end of every transaction sees a receipt copy for customer. The receipt printer forms the core of POS hardware. The receipt contains details of transaction history. A receipt uses either direct thermal printing or transfer printing using ink ribbon technology. The preferred printing technology is thermal as it does not need ink ribbon, is low cost and faster than ink ribbon technology.

Cash drawers- are used for storing cash, checks and credit card receipts in an organized and secured manner. One can keep all types of transactional cash and receipts throughout the sales of a day. Cash drawers open once at the end of each transaction or can be opened by a key. A cash drawer is the most basic and simple part of any point of sale system. Cash drawers come in large, medium and small sizes and one can buy according to their need.

Barcode Scanner - Scanners are a crucial part of POS system. They help to quickly enter items and speed up the check-out process. The standard laser scanner will read all the UPC codes on products but with the expanding need for age verification, couponing, and loyalty card scanning, 2D scanners have become more commonplace. Many scanners have a handheld form factor but for POS, you can take advantage of in-counter and presentation devices for even faster,hands-free reading and even shorter lines!