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POS Hardware Equipments

POS systems have become a primary component of every business due to the wide range of functionality it provides. A POS system comprises of several different components where each component serves an important role. The system consists mainly of two parts; hardware and software. Hardware equipment includes cash registers, computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display, an EMV machine and a barcode scanner.

Components of a POS System

Every modern POS system is equipped with different hardware and peripherals. Together these POS equipment make your business transactions smoother and a satisfying experience for your customers too. Different types of equipment are:

Barcode Scanner

A barcode scanner scans the barcode printed on the product and captures all the important information of that particular product. There are two types of barcodes: Linear and 2D. A linear barcode consists of basic information like price of the product. Whereas a 2D barcode can hold more information like image, price, quantity, web link, etc. A barcode scanner scans these barcodes and produces results. A red light is visible while the scanner is scanning a particular product after which an analog signal is generated and sent to the decoder. There are different types of barcode scanners like handheld, cordless, laser, etc.

Cash Drawer

This is the simplest part of a POS system. A cash drawer is used to store cash and are usually made from heavy metal for added security. There are three types of cash drawers: manual, USB, and printer driven.

  1. a.      Manual – A manual cash drawer is simple to use. You insert the key and mechanically push the button to open the drawer. It usually costs cheaper as it    has to be handled completely manually.
  2. b.      USB – A USB cash drawer is connected with the help of cables and opens every time a transaction is completed.
  3. c.       Printer Driven – This cash drawer is connected to the receipt printer and opens only when it receives command from the receipt printer.

Payment Terminal

Most of the customers prefer to pay by credit cards today. Therefore, having a card payment terminal benefits your business. A POS system allows you to accept payment by cards. There are several types of payment terminals including magstripe readers (MSRs), touchscreen payment terminals, EMV, etc. You can receive payments from American Express, JCB, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.

Receipt Printer

Once the customer purchases a product, an employee scans it and receives payment from the customer, a receipt is generated to hand over to the customer. This receipt is printed automatically by a receipt printer with the data captured in the previous steps. A ribbon cartridge technology receipt printer consumes less and produces more with faster speed.