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Portable Barcode Printers

Manufacturing and distribution businesses are actively adapting to mobile solutions these days. Portable devices are simplifying the tasks at ground level by keeping the warehouse management organized and increasing the productivity to maintain the supply chain information. These printers offer various benefits one of which is the printing on the go. Employees can carry this printer, walk in the warehouse, and print receipts on the move.

What are Portable Barcode Printers?

A portable barcode printer is similar to a thermal printer but does not have any wired connections. They are small in size and can be carried anywhere without any difficulties. These printers can print up to 4” width receipts. They are beneficial when need to improve your inventory management and customer service. A portable barcode printer can connect wirelessly using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Best Portable Barcode Printers

Here are some of the few selected best portable barcode printers available in market.

Zebra ZQ600 Mobile Printer

This premium portable printer prints label as well as receipts. It is very useful to manage your business inventory and provide better customer service to your customers. This is a perfect device mostly preferred by retail and warehouses. Easily print shelf edge labels, markdown labels, replacement tags, return labels, pick and pack labels, etc. This model is compact and easy to use which increases productivity at your workplace.

Citizen CMP-30

This portable mobile printer is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-fi technology and uses thermal printing. It can print labels of width up to 3”. This model by Citizen works on battery and also has a USB connection. Mostly used at warehouses these printers are highly productive.

Zebra ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers

This is a rugged model mobile printer and features military grade design. Mostly used in transportation, manufacturing, retail, and hospitality businesses it has higher durability. Some of the uses of this printer are fleet management, ticketing, cross-docking, inventory management, parking violations, easy checkouts, etc. It has the latest connectivity features and is easy to use.

Benefits of a Portable Barcode Scanner

On the Spot Printing:

While you can pre-print the labels before the products arrive at your warehouse it also increases the chances of errors like printing faults, incorrect label placement, etc. But when you print the label in the warehouse you have the control over what to print and where to paste that label. This will increase labeling speed and avoid the chances or errors. Also, your employees don’t have to travel back and forth to get the labels from printing counter.

Tracking the Shipment:

The portable barcode scanners allow managing shipping operations efficiently. The barcode labels helps you keep track of the shipment and ensure that a package is reaching its destination in right time.

Compact Size:

A mobile printer is compact in size and is easy to carry around. It does not have additional accessories so has less hardware. Therefore, it does not require a dedicated workspace. It is lightweight so that a worker can move for hours carrying the printer.

If you are looking a perfect scanner for your business then check out our wide collection of portable barcode printers. Order the one that suits your business perfectly.