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Thermal Label Printers

Printers are an important asset in almost every business and are used to print a variety of documents like labels, supply updates, sales reports, receipts, etc. Each business has a different printing need and requires a printer which will suit their needs. For example, thermal printers are used in places like warehouses, factories as they are durable and print high quality and long lasting labels. Medium sized businesses like retail stores also prefer thermal printers.

If you own a business and create your own products or you are selling products from a third party you will definitely need a label printer. Therefore, thermal label printers have become the first choice of businesses across the world.

What is a Thermal Printer?

A thermal printer is a printer which, unlike any other printers, does not use ink for printing. Instead, it uses heat to products an image on the paper. These printers are most commonly used to print labels, barcodes, shipping labels, markers, etc. Industries including airline, banking, entertainment, grocery, retail, healthcare, etc. prefer thermal printers. Thermal printers are fast and print hundreds of labels in no time.

Types of Thermal Printers

There are mainly two types of thermal printers available:

Direct Thermal Printers:

This thermal printer uses a chemically-treated paper. It has a thermal print head which heats the paper and the paper gets darkened, thus, getting printed. These printers do not use ink, toner, or ribbon to print. They completely rely on the heating system. Direct thermal printers are commonly used to print receipts and labels for heavy duty products.

Thermal Transfer Printers:

A thermal printer uses ink made from vinyl, nylon, or polyester which is transferred on a label through a thermal print head. The ribbon is made from wax or resin. This printer uses low heat settings and can print on paper, plastic, polyester, etc. This printer print labels that are highly durable and are resistant to chemicals, oils, and they can also survive extreme temperatures.

Why use Thermal Printers?

Thermal printer prove very advantageous in several ways. Some of the reasons to consider a thermal printer for your business are:

Durable Labels:

Thermal printers don’t use ink and use heat to print on the labels and signs. This allows the labels to last longer and survive different weather conditions. Labels with ink fade away sooner. The labels from a thermal printer are usually used on heavy duty products which have to be shipped or on packages that will undergo weather changes like cold storage packages.


Thermal transfer printers are very versatile and can print various documents, labels, signs, etc. They can print barcodes and graphic based labels too.

Cost Savers:

Thermal printers don’t use ink therefore they don’t require cartridges. They print faster than any other printers so they save you a lot of time too. The overall price of a thermal printer is affordable and will prove worth your investment.

Less Maintenance:

Thermal printers are easy to maintain as they have limited moving parts. These printers last longer than an average printer in the market. When it comes to printing labels thermal printers are the most reliable than inkjet printers.

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