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Portable Data Terminal

A portable data terminal, also known as PDT, helps you run your business efficiently and improve the customer experience. It is used to enter or retrieve data wirelessly. These devices are portable so they can be carried along to capture the data. Several businesses have adopted portable data terminals to increase their productivity and save time.

Businesses that require accurate tracking of their inventory from time to time must have a portable data terminal. The portable data terminals are developed to work efficiently in the environment where portability and durability are absolutely essential. Initially, the PDT’s had limited functionality but with advancement in technology they have evolved in a way that includes features like wireless connection, internet browsing capability, email system, text messaging, etc.

Different Available PDT’s

Here are some of the best available portable data terminals and their features:

Honeywell’s CaptuvoTM SL22

Honeywell’s enterprise edition for Apple iPod touch includes features that make your customer’s experience great. This device provides instant access to the product information and makes faster checkout possible at the counter. This PDT has an integrated barcode scanner which can read linear, 2D, and poorly printed barcodes accurately. It also helps you keep the track of your inventory. Additionally, it features a three-track magnetic stripe reader which allows quicker credit card transactions.

Datalogic’s Memor X3 PDT

Datalogic is a leading manufacturer of data automation devices. Their Memor X3 portable data terminal is equipped with top of the line technology and several useful features. It has a wide 2.4 inch bigger and better display and is equipped with long lasting batteries. It also has a barcode reader which reads all kinds of barcodes despite their printing quality. It works on windows operating system and is Bluetooth enabled. This PDT is made from rugged material and is tested for heavy drop shocks.

Zebra PDT

If your workers are out on the field and need to access or capture product information then the Zebra TC55 works best for you. This is a smartphone type mobile computer which has the same small and sleek design and is easy to use. It is highly durable and can be carried in a pocket. This portable data terminal is designed for enterprise use and makes your workers’ life easier. It works on Android operating system and has wireless connectivity.

Benefits of Using a PDT

Saves Time:

With all the information available in your device you no more have to physically find the product from over the huge shelves. Your workers just need to access the software and search for a particular product. Thus, a portable data terminal saves a lot of time which can be spent on other productive tasks.

Easy to Carry:

Also known as Portable Data Terminal a PDT is easy to carry. The device is designed in a way that a worker can easily carry it into his pocket. This makes it easier for the ground staff who work mostly in the fields or warehouses and have to collect the data on the move.

A portable data terminal increases overall productivity in your business and also reduces the manual workload. It is a very cost-effective option which gives you hundred percent return on your investment. Purchase from our wide range of PDT collection.