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Wearable Mobile Computers

Wearable mobile computers are devised keeping in mind a worker’s comfort. They provide increased mobility and boost the distribution process by providing maximum productivity and accuracy at the workplace. There are several types of mobile computers available including rugged headsets, ring scanners, etc.

Wearable mobile computers are lightweight and smaller in size. They can be worn on any size arm, finger, and wrist. Zebra’s wearable solutions are built on Android which is super easy to use and is user-friendly. They are backed by Mobility DNA which delivers unyielding scan performance.

Zebra WT600 Wearable Mobile Computer

This is an enterprise-class wearable mobile computer currently very popular in the market. It is lighter than any other mobile computer and runs on the Android operating system. It is equipped with an improved mounting system which fits comfortably on any size of the arm. Mostly used in industrial wearable computing the Zebra WT600 provides maximum durability and comfort.

Zebra WT41N0

This wearable mobile computer is a next-generation scanner that eliminates errors and increases productivity at your workplace. It is equipped with voice recognition technology. If your warehouse has a high volume of packages to be scanned and delivered in a limited amount of time then this wearable scanner will get your work done quickly and efficiently. Your workers can scan as well as move the boxes in quick succession.

Honeywell 8680i

Probably the most popular wearable mobile computer developed by Honeywell this device provides high performance. It has got a compact and ergonomic design and is equipped with high-performance Bluetooth technology. It can be worn on one hand and helps to streamline high-volume workflows. It is up to 17% lighter than other mobile computers and is powered by a long-lasting battery.

Benefits of Wearable Mobile Computers

Businesses are shifting towards advanced technological devices to reduce the cost and save time at the work places. A wearable mobile computer adds much more benefits to your business such as:

Rugged Design:

Getting work done quickly and efficiently is the primary goal of every business. A wearable mobile computer is able to scan barcodes in a quick succession. It also follows high accuracy to avoid any potential errors.

Fast and Accurate:

A wearable mobile computer is built keeping in mind the conditions they will be used in. They are built using rugged material which is able to sustain extreme environmental conditions that may arise in the warehouse.

Freedom to Move:

As these types of scanners are worn on wrist or finger they allow your workers to freely move around the workplace and scan products on their way. This way a worker can scan and move the boxes too as a wearable scanner is hands-free.

Wearable data capturing solutions are getting more and more popular among businesses due to their amazing features. Technological inventions are changing the way businesses work and to be at the top of the competition your business needs to adapt to this evolution. Increase the productivity of your business by introducing wearable mobile computers. Order the computers that best suit your business today.